Ruma 9

Morena te whanau,

We miss you all, but I know we are all well and safe within our bubbles. As you all know your child's learning opportunities for term 3 will be via distance learning at this stage.

What will this look like? From Wednesday 25 August 2021 room 9 will start their distance learning.

How will I access my child’s Seesaw learning opportunities? For students who have access to wifi and an device, they will engage with their online learning via Seesaw. Once Seesaw home learning codes are updated these will be given out with required devices on Thursday 26th August 2021 between 10:00am – 2:00pm or by contacting me via text message or school email.

Na Koka Riana me Koka Roimata.


Kōka Riana




Online Learning

These activities will be assigned to your child's Seesaw journal. To access their journal you will need a access code which will be updated Thursday 26th August and available by contacting me.

Wiki 8

Wataka Ako 8.docx

Wiki 7

Wataka ako 7

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Wiki 6

Wataka 6

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